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Prayer Letter!
George Mc Connell (October 2019)

(Luke 24:29) “But they constrained Him saying, Abide with us.”
It must have been a wonderful evening for the two on the road to
Emmaus at the moment when, Jesus Himself drew near and went
with them.” (Luke 24:15) They were discouraged at first when all
their hopes were dashed when they believed that Jesus of Nazareth;
who was crucified on the cross of Calvary should have redeemed
Israel. Do you remember what they said to Him as they walked
together on the Emmaus Road, not recognizing as to who He was at
present? “But we trusted that it had been He which should have
redeemed Israel; and besides all this today is the third day since
these things were done. (Luke 24:21) As they walked together, the
Lord Jesus, beginning at Moses and the prophets, expounded to them
in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself!
The part that struck my heart recently was the moment when, these
two constrained the Lord Jesus by saying unto Him “Abide with us,”
It was of course later in the evening that their eyes were opened to the
Lord Jesus when He took bread, blessed it, brake it, and gave to them.
But it was when He was abiding with them that He revealed Himself
to them in a more definite way.
Tell me my dear praying friend; how often has Christ revealed
Himself to you in a particular way? How often does your heart yearn
to sense that ever abiding presence of the Blessed Son of God?
Where we often fail is when we allow the fast pace of life to rob us of
that experience, instead of just sitting and knowing His presence.
Oftentimes in the study as I am preparing a sermon, the Lord in His
own way would ask me to stop everything and instead of focusing on
what He wants to say to me, He waits for me to speak to Him and
pour out to Him, whatever I have upon my heart. Many times I have
had to put all down and just abide in His presence and what rich and
blessed moments they are to enjoy.
Samuel Rutherford, writing from prison in Aberdeen over three and a
half centuries ago, persecuted for his faith, and writing his famous
letters to his parishioners, ended one of them with this sentence:
“Jesus Christ was so real in my prison cell last night that every stone
in it glowed like a ruby. Oh that our hearts would yearn for that real
sense of the risen Savior’s presence in all of our lives.

Returning again to the city of Aberdeen, an evangelist in the early
twentieth century was taken around the city by the host that he was
staying with during his time of mission there. He was pointing out all
the places of importance and acting as his guide to the places for
which the city was deservedly noted. The visiting evangelist
remarked on the absence of slums in the “granite city,” and said, “I
notice there are only a few streets where the people are very poor,
and the tenements are not so imposing as the other buildings in
Aberdeen.” “Would you like to visit one of these streets?” his host
asked him. The evangelist agreed wholeheartedly, and as they walked
along, the host pointed up to one of the tenement rooms about three
stories up and said; “do you see that room up there? Formerly, there
was a fine old saint of God living there. She was well known for her
cheerfulness amid much poverty and sickness and was always radiant
with the beauty of Christ. Once when another evangelist was
preaching at the Gordon Mission Hall, he was told about this sister in
the Lord and he went up to visit her. As he entered and seeing her
radiant face in the midst of such poverty, he said to her, ‘my dear
sister, they tell me the Lord Jesus Christ visits this place.’ ‘Na, na!
ma laddie, yer wrong,’ was her reply. Thinking she was a bit hard of
hearing and had not caught his words correctly, he repeated what he
had said, and again she replied, ‘ yer wrong, yer wrong!’ Convinced
now that she must be very deaf, he fairly shouted into her ear, ‘sister
doesn’t the Lord Jesus not visit your home?’ Shaking her head again,
‘yer wrong, yer wrong! The Lord Jesus does not visit here He abides
here, every moment of every day!’
When the host shared that story with the evangelist, the evangelist
turned round and said to him, “if only we could experience the
nearness of Christ like that, what better people we would be for it.”
Believe me dear praying friend, there are homes I have visited, and
without anyone saying a word, right away I personally could really
feel the abiding presence of the Lord in those homes.
May we this month, no matter where we are or what we are doing, to
get into the habit, of getting to that place where we too can feel and
know the very abiding presence of Christ with us. Remember He has
promised, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” (Hebrews 13:5)
May the yearning within our hearts be that of the two on the road to
Emmaus, “Abide with us!” What blessed people we would be for it!


Report of the meetings in September 2019

Sunday 1 st September: was the conclusion of our Missionary
Convention and on this Lord’s Day Morning we had Mr. Gordon
Stewart updating us with his work with Release International. This
was a very informative morning and our hearts were deeply touched
by what we learned from him and witnessed on the slide show and it
still amazes us as to what the Lord is still doing in other parts of the
world. On the evening of this day we saw the conclusion of our Drive
In Church where we finished with having Pastor Ken Davidson along
to share with us his testimony that proved to us that no one is deep
enough in sin that the Lord cannot only lift them out of it but totally
transform them into mighty instruments for himself. We give the Lord
all the glory for our Drive in Church this year.
Thursday 5 th Septmeber: we had some our young people sharing
with us of their summer work that they were involved in over the
summer months, and it was encouraging for us to hear of all the
places where they went to share the gospel in places like Kilcoo,
Downpatrick, Newry and other places where it wasn’t an easy task,
but the Lord was with them and we thank the Lord for our young
people who have a vision in reaching other children with the gospel.
Sunday 8 th September: saw the recommencement of our Sunday
school and Bible Class and can I ask you please to pray much for all
our teachers as they seek to teach the children and young people
God’s word each week and to encourage them to live their lives for
the Lord in every way. Thank you so much for praying for our Sunday
school and Bible Class.
Thursday 12 th September; was the recommencement of our Bible
Class where we are continuing through Paul’s first epistle to the
Thessalonians and then we will continue on into the second epistle.
Please pray much for me as I continue to study hard for the Bible
class so that I can bring the best out of God’s word to enrich the
hearts of all gathered and that the late Bertie Campbell’s prayer be
continued to be answered on my behalf as when he used to pray in the
prayer meetings that the Lord would open up the sacred page before
the pastor and cause him to behold wondrous things out of thy law!
Thank God today, though Bertie is with the Lord, yet the Lord
continues to answer that prayer in a very special way.

Saturday 14 th September: was the recommencement of Impact Youth where
the youth of our fellowship meet to worship and fellowship together and
encourage each other in their walk with the Lord. Please do pray for this very
important work and for the leaders and committee who do a tremendous work
with our young people.
Sunday 29 th September: we had Pastor Clifford Morrison taking the services
for us on this day as I was off on a weeks break away, and Mr. Andy Burns was
along to share with us an update as to how his continued work in sharing the
gospel with the night clubbers is getting on. Many thanks to Pastor Morrison
for taking the services and to Andy for sharing his update on the work he is
involved in.

Special Prayer Points for October 2019
Tuesday 1 st October: Brackenagh West Primary School & Senior Citizens
Thursday 3 rd October: recommencement of The Adventurers
Sunday 6 th October: Special music and testimony evening with Mr. Sam Rotman. Sam is
a classical pianist who performs concerts all over the world and testifies of how the Lord
saved him; how an Eastern European Jew came to know Christ as His Saviour. Please
also remember our services in the evening are back to 6PM
Wednesday 9 th October: Recommencement of Baptist Ladies
Sunday 13 th October: Harvest Thanksgiving Services
Monday 14 th – Friday 18 th : Teaching week with Pastor David Anderson
Friday 25 th October: Preaching at harvest Service in Darkley Mountain Lodge
Saturday 26 th October: Wedding of Esther & John
Saturday 19 th October, marks seven years of my pastoral ministry in Kilkeel Baptist Tabernacle, a
ministry that I love and enjoy so much. As I look over the past seven years, they have been marked by
God’s Divine Blessing in many ways. The fellowship in Kilkeel, is a fellowship with a vision, and a
desire to see people saved and its people both young and old, built up on their most holy faith. What
we are experiencing and enjoying is the fruit of your ministry, your ministry of prayer and I want to
encourage you that not only myself, but the fellowship as a whole appreciate you praying for us. This
is why I take the time out and write to you each month with a devotional thought from God’s own
Word and report back to you, keeping you up to date with all that is happening. We are being blessed,
because of YOU! Without you behind us in prayer, we would not be able to accomplish what we have
been doing. “TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!”

George & Tracy McConnell